The Legend Of King (3D MMORPG) Released on the App Store and Google play

The Legend Of King, a real-time 3D action MMO role-playing mobile game, is now globally hit on the App Store and google play in2013.12.12.

Players in game must defeat evil monsters to save the fallen world. There are roles of four different classes for free choice – Warrior, Archer, Wizard, and Necromancer. There are more than 40 dungeons available to explore and fight against evil monsters. There are more than 150,000 pieces of equipments to collect as well as dozens of skills to learn. Players must wisely upgrade items and skills to grow as strong as they can, which is the only way to survive

What’s more exciting is that players, in The Legend Of King, can not only explore dungeons on their own, but also enjoy multiplayer PVP/PVE battles of various types, which is also the funniest part of the game. The Legend Of King brings DoTA style, Tower-Defense style and strongpoint guarding gameplays altogether as a bundle, which allows players free to choose what they would really want

Beside battles and combats, fishing, cooking, smashing and forging as parergon can bring more casual fun to players

While, good game never comes without strong technical support. Our self-developed 3D engine perfectly supports 3D models and special effects smoothly running on all iOS devices. The particular operating sense and visual/hearing shock will definitely bring an incredible game experience to all the players

FYI, more interesting gameplays will be added continuously. Your support and suggestions will definitely help us do this better. Plz don’t hesitate to take this October as the start to have fun in The Legend Of King

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